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Bullying is a complex problem, requiring everyone in a school community to be part of the solution: students, faculty, staff, parents, and families. And because every school is unique – each with its own history, population, and set of strengths and challenges – bullying simply can’t be thoroughly and effectively addressed with a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all method.


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The best way to handle bullying is to prevent it in the first place – with a positive, proactive, and finely tuned approach.

Nadine Briggs and Donna Shea, founders of Social Success in School, provide K – 8 educators with the tools to create a school-wide culture of collaboration, conflict resolution, empathy and respect.

With the Social Success in School program, your entire school community will learn how to implement a proactive program that creates a safe, positive school environment – where bullying is far less likely to happen in the first place because of the social success of all students.

Nadine and Donna,I just wanted to let you both know that I really enjoyed the conference last Saturday. You both did a great job. The format was perfect because you presented such helpful information and allowed plenty of opportunities for questions. I think the most important messages I took out of it were to focus on empathy and foster self-reliance… I am so glad I went!
—  Social Skills Conference attendee

The Social Success in Schools Program is a practical, affordable way for schools to:

  • Shift thinking throughout the school community regarding children with social and behavioral challenges
  • Aid children’s social development with proven corrective and guiding phrases
  • Create a common language for home/school social coaching
  • Employ evidence-based approaches
  • Transform the way children interact with each other each day

Why does the Social Success in School System work so well?

Social Success in School was developed by Nadine Briggs and Donna Shea, two professional speakers and social coaches with years of experience helping children learn the skills they need to navigate common social challenges faced at home and at school. Nadine and Donna also “walk the walk” in their personal lives, having coached children of their own to achieve social and educational goals.

The unique approach of the Social Success in School program is to train teachers, paraprofessionals, recess aides, and administrative staff in a comprehensive set of easy-to-implement, actionable ideas and tools they can use immediately to improve the social lives of the children in their classrooms and the entire school. Training is also available to the wider school community, including parents and families. Each training program is fully customized to meet a school’s unique set of needs, interests, and challenges.

Children become successful behaviorally and socially – and schools become more peaceful – with Social Success In School’s student-centered, proactive approach. In turn, students’ confidence and self-esteem soar, setting the stage for greater academic achievement — and greater success in life.

Hi Nadine,
Thank you for coming to our Central Mass Down Syndrome Resource Group meeting on Nov 14th and sharing all of your knowledge and wisdom with us. You are an inspiration and I am so grateful to you for providing us with so much valuable information and advice. This was the best meeting we have had and I left feeling very hopeful, positive and better prepared for the road ahead.
Seminar Attendee


The Social Success in School program is built on years of practical, proven work with elementary-age children who struggle with social and behavioral challenges.

The Social Success in School program is informed by time-tested, evidence-based concepts. Donna Shea and Nadine Briggs have worked extensively with children facing all types of social and behavioral challenges. Children, families, and school communities experience both short term solutions and long term success when they implement Social Success in School’s simple yet powerful strategies.

Popular Social Success in School Workshops and Trainings Include:

    • Ending the Cycle of Bullying
    • Getting the Mads Out for Kids
    • Good Sports Always Win
    • Friendship & Social Coaching
    • Behavior Begins with Respect

Social Success in School Seminar List 2014

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To learn more about how the Social Success In School program can help your school create a positive, collaborative, proactive climate that prevents bullying before it happens,

Contact either:

Donna Shea
Director, The Peter Pan Center
Nadine Briggs
Director, Simply Social Kids

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