Social Skills

We Offer a Wide Variety of Services

Weekly social groupsongoing through the school year with summer options

Coping Clubto teach how to manage anxiety and gain coping skills

Personal Power Clubdesigned to focus on self-esteem and how to gain personal power

Individual Social Coaching: 1:1 social coaching in home for kids

Simply Social Skills: 1:1 social coaching and executive function coaching for adults

Simply Social Starters: Small group instruction for kids ages 4-7 who need to learn emotion managment

Sibshops: Sibling support for kids with siblings who have special needs

Seminars: see for a complete list of seminars

In Class Observations: Social coach observes classroom dynamic during academic and social time with recommendations

Parent Support: Social coaches offer ongoing parent support

Books: See book link for more about the How to Make and Keep Friends book series

Awesome Night Talent and Art Show: Social opportunity for kids to show off their talents

Thanksmasakah: Our annual holiday mash up party

All Ages

The programs at Simply Social Kids have an undercurrent of positive psychology. Kids will routinely have lessons based on gratitude, happiness and mindfulness to encourage positive outlooks despite social challenges. Our goal is to empower kids to manage their relationships, conflicts and internal frustrations while using age-appropriate strategies. We offer a sensory simple environment with same-aged peers to provide a realistic setting that kids are in on a daily basis.

Elementary Aged Kids

Our social skills programs combine several best practices available for teaching socials skills to children. The programs are delivered in an unstructured setting to allow for in-the-moment social coaching. We create an environment that is similar lunch/recess which the most challenging part of a child’s day when they struggle with social issues. Elementary school-aged kids will enter the program with the idea that they will just play with other kids and may not even realize that social coaching is occurring. Children interact with each other and our adult assistants and when conflicts occur, a trained social coach guides each child through the situation while teaching strategies for them to eventually handle issues on their own. They are given lessons on perspective taking while providing them with simple language and easy steps toward collaboration. As we get to know each child and the issues that are hindering friendships, we tailor our instruction specifically to the needs of the kids in each group. These tools provide children with lifelong skills that will enhance their ability to make and keep friends.

Middle and High School

We understand that our teenage population is more likely to be open to social skills instruction when they understand that strong social skills can help them achieve employment and relationships with future romantic interests. This is a key stage of their lives and they will need to know how to handle difficult roommates, bosses, coworkers, girlfriend/boyfriend issues. Each week, the teens are presented a topic and activity in which social skills are practiced and discussed. The rest of the session the teens are able to socialize with one another, play a game or just chat. For some teens, it’s a place to be accepted and where true friendships form.

For all programming and seminars, contact Nadine Briggs at 978-764-2758 or for more information.

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