What families are saying about Simply Social Kids


“Dear Nadine and Simply Social staff, Thank you for having such a great service for families and kids who desperately need it. B grew so much due to your weekly groups, meetings, seminars and you were all so generous and kind to him. He now gets all A’s in school, works out a Best Fitness every day after school by himself. You gave him the courage and confidence he so desperately needed and wanted. I still do and will continue to advocate for Simply Social on a daily basis.” Your friend, BC, 2017

“I would like to thank Norah for not only a wonderful job with the teen girls group but for personally getting in to touch with my daughter. At the beginning of the group, she thought it was a punishment to have to do activities with other kids, now I have to say no to her endless wants for friends over. It is a welcome change! I definitely could see confidence in herself emerge as the months went on. I definitely think that she was given tools to use in everyday life that was presented in a non-threatening and non-bias way. There is always room for growth and I’m sure that my daughter will look back on her experience at simply social kids as a pivotal point in her ability to feel confident in relationships. Also did I forget to mention that she found a great friend at the social club? Well she did!” My appreciation, KC, 2016

“To watch our son make friends and continually have trouble keeping them was heartbreaking. He lacked the skill to react and respond to certain situations that resulted in him losing relationships. He needed more than just someone telling him how to react…he had to experience it. This is what Simply Social Kids has done for him. Nadine and her Staff bring these kids in and teach them the skills they need in an environment that is fun and positive. While working things out with the instructors these kids are learning from each other too. Our son has flourished with these classes and has made such amazing progress. We could see that these interactions, discussions and play time were making a difference in him.  He is now in High School and the friendships he has made are strong. Nadine, to you and your staff we say thank you for everything you’ve done.” – JC, 2016

“My son, a third year post-secondary student, has been attending one-on-one weekly sessions with Jesse Lowe since the beginning of January 2016.  He was struggling with reading nonverbal cues and engaging in social interactions in the classroom and with his professors and friends. Jesse has been amazing at coaching him and I have noticed a huge improvement in his interactions with others when we go to the grocery store and the bank and when socializing with family and friends.  He has told me that he feels more confident participating in classroom discussions and group projects and when talking with his professors. He recently attended some job interviews for summer employment and said he felt confident and sure of himself during these interviews. I highly recommend Simply Social Kids for post-secondary students.” – CC, 2016

“I still remember Kevin’s first day here like it was yesterday.  As Joshua and I walked Kevin to the car he said, ‘I had SO much fun Mom, those kids are just like me.’  This ran chills down my back and brought tears to my eyes.  The feelings of being an outsider live within all of us, especially when we’re young, but Kevin seemed to connect with so few of his peers at school, that having a room full of those that felt ‘just like him’ was more than comforting.  Thank you so much for all you have done, and what you continue to do, not just for my son, but for all the children who attend your center.  It really is a life-changer.” – KB

“When I come here, it’s not just to see my friends, these guys are like my family.” – K , age 11

“Simply Social Kids is one of the best things I have ever done for my kids. My son looks forward to “group” every week where he has made great new friends who understand him and accept him and who encourage him. Under the guidance of Nadine and Norah, the kids all help each other learn to read social cues and make good social choices, as well as things like how to handle anxiety and stress. These kids “get” each other. I have watched my son blossom socially over the last couple of months and being a part of this has helped him in the process of learning to truly like himself. It has helped him see how amazing he really is and nothing is more valuable than that.” – JW

“Love simply social, my son has been going for about two months now and has already made improvements in his social skills. Director is amazing and really takes the time to understand each child and their specific needs!” – CL

“Nadine, we are completely amazed by how much Kylie has grown over the last few months, and we have to give you credit.  The group environment has changed her from the little, soft spoken girl to a confident and proud little girl!  I wish I had taken a video of her presenting to show you, but we really capitalized on her strengths (as you pointed out one day) and her whole demeanor has changed.  Thank you so much for your program and your guidance on the little things!” -JB

“Carol always enjoys spending time in your groups. She feels very safe at SSK. Calming and coping has been particularly beneficial. We are always looking for new ways to help ease the anxieties felt in everyday life. After the session on meditating she felt so much better. The next day I saw her actually applying what she learned. It’s been great for me, too!” -CW

“I’m telling you the group was great.  The lady was great.  The CD and care package they got at this week’s group was great.  Freddie really likes it and he’s getting a lot out of it. He’s a different kid thanks to it.  No counseling and getting out there in a group and all the things that you promise at Simply Social does so it’s been really great for him and I can’t thank you enough.  He got a whole lot out of it.  I mean better than any summer camp he’s ever been in or anything like that.  Simply Social has been it as far as he goes so I just wanted to let you know.  Keep up the great work that you do.” -BC

“Hi Nadine, Bobby loves going to Fridays group. He looks forward to it every week. He loves listening and participating in new, helpful coping strategies every week. The group will be missed when the class is over. Bobby enjoys both groups including the fact that he meets up with different friends from each group. Bobby continues to love going to simply social kids every week and lets us know all the time how much he likes the staff, kids and volunteers.  Bobby also enjoys Skype chatting at least once a week with various friends from group. The conversation can sometimes last a couple of hours. Thanks again Nadine for the ultimate gift.” -BC

“I appreciate all your help.  You are truly a gem and I’m so very glad we have you in our lives.” -HW

“Wow. In one sentence you changed everything. ‘Even if you could make everything better, that wouldn’t prepare Hector for the real world…’ I am going to recite that to myself every day. You are more than correct. And it applies to SO many things. Thank you.” TL

“We would like to take a moment and thank the staff at Simply Social Kids. For all of their hard work and dedication and the development of the programs that make such a difference. Our daughter enjoys going to group so much it has truly helped her with her social skills in a comfortable atmosphere that is fun, judgment free, friendly and comfortable. She absolutely loves it. Thank you for making a difference in our child’s life.” – DT


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